The categories for the Manukau Region Science and Technology Fair are:

Category 1
Years 7 & 8 Living World (i.e. biological – plants, animals, humans, etc.)
Category 2
Years 7 & 8 Physical and Material World (i.e. physics – heat, light, sound, energy etc., chemistry – properties and reactions)
Category 3
Years 7 & 8 Environmental Science/Planet Earth & Beyond (i.e. environmental studies/projects and rocks etc.)
Category 4
Years 7 & 8 Intermediate Consumer Science (i.e. product testing)
Category 5
Years 7 – 10 Technology/Innovations (i.e. technological devices, electronics, modifying and creating products)
Category 6
Years 9 & 10 Living World
Category 7
Years 9 & 10 Physical & Material World
Category 8
Years 9 & 10 Environmental Science/Planet Earth & Beyond
Category 9
Years 9-13 Secondary Consumer Science
Category 10
Year 6 Science and Technology
Category 11
Years 11, 12 & 13 Senior Science
Criteria for Special Awards** are listed below:
Special Awards Criteria Sponsor
Premier Award Best Overall in the Fair NIWA
Eric Clague Award Second Overall in the Fair Committee
IET Innovation Awards Projects focused on design and innovation Institute of Engineering and Technology
Student Encouragement Award Judged by Chief Judge Auckland Science Teachers Association
Best Project Using Flour   Baking Industry Research Trust
Best Use of Statistics   NZ Statistical Association
Best Soil Related Project   NZ Society of Soil Science
Ballance Agri-nutrients Sustainability Award Best project linked to sustainability Balance Agri-nutrients
Best Application of Electronics   NIWA
Best Project by a Māori Student Students must identify as Māori on the registration form to be eligible for this award. Manukau Institute of Technology
Best Project by a Pasifika Student Students must identify as Pasifika on the registration form to be eligible for this award. Manukau Institute of Technology
Awards for Best Project in Years 7-13 Best overall prize for a particular year group NIWA
New Zealand Heritage Awards Best project linked to preserving New Zealand’s heritage NIWA

**Prize criteria are subject to change and/or may not be awarded based on annual sponsorship.

19th of August, 2022 at Mission Heights Junior College