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Science Fair Boards

Please see the image below for the maximum dimensions for your science fair boards.

Science Fair Board Layout

Boards can be purchased from various school stationary or science suppliers.

Science Project Headings

The focus of a science exhibit should be the gathering of data associated with a hypothesis. Judges will be evaluating the experimental design and the data presented. The criteria are; scientific thought and understanding, and originality.

A science project must illustrate or investigate some scientific idea by means of a fair test that involves some or all of the following steps;

  • Making observations of the subject and doing background research
  • Asking questions about the subject
  • Proposing hypotheses, which are tentative scientific predictions
  • Carrying out experiments that test the hypotheses in a “fair test” manner
  • Obtaining results, mathematically process results and present these in tables, diagrams, graphs etc
  • Making conclusions indicating the degree to which the hypothesis is supported by your results. Provide scientific explanations. Indicate the relevance or importance of your findings. Any errors, limitations and assumptions that have influenced your results should be stated.

Headings for an investigative science exhibit may include some or all of the following:

  • Title
  • Aim
  • Introduction
  • Initial Observations and Background Research
  • Questions
  • Hypotheses
  • Experimental Method or Procedure
  • Results, including observations, drawings, tables, graphs
  • Statistical treatment or analysis of the results
  • Conclusions
  • Errors, limitations, assumptions
  • Discussion, including;
    • scientific reasons for your findings
    • the relevance and importance of your findings
    • any possible applications for your findings
  • Acknowledgments

Technology Project Headings

A technology project must develop a new prototype or model, product, device, process, system or environment. Development is the key concept in technology projects. The process of this development should be related to an identified need or opportunity.

The criteria are; innovation and originality, identifying and researching the need and evaluating the solution (product, device, process, system or environment).

The following steps may help in developing a technological solution:

  • Identifying the need or opportunity
  • Researching existing technologies
  • Providing a historical background
  • Surveying your target audience
  • Plan initial concepts
  • Developing your concepts and producing a prototype to meet the needs of your target audience
  • Evaluating the solution while suggesting any modifications or improvements

Headings for a technology exhibit may include some or all of the following:

  • Title
  • Need or Opportunity
  • Knowledge or Research
  • Development of a Solution
  • Evaluation
  • Acknowledgments

19th of August, 2022 at Mission Heights Junior College