Judging Day

Setting up your Project

Venue : Mission Heights Junior College, 103 Jeffs Rd, Mission Heights

Project drop-off is from 3:00pm to 7:00pm on Thursday, 15 August. Bring your project (including log book) and all the completed entry tickets from your Entry Pack. Your project will be checked in and you will be shown where to set it up (parents/guardians may set child’s project up or school/classmate/friends). Please set up your project the way you would like it judged.

Judging interview

Judging will take place on Friday, 16 August from 11 am. Judges will talk to the students individually about their project. Please wear your school uniform.

All exhibitors must present at 10:45am for a briefing. Judging should be completed by 1:30pm. Parents and non-exhibitors may not enter the hall. We suggest students bring a book or something else quiet to do while waiting for the judges to interview them.

Valuables: Take any item of value with you after you have talked to the judges as we cannot take responsibility for them.


In exceptional circumstances (eg. bereavement) you may exhibit your project without being present to be interviewed by the judges. In this case you must produce a short video clip which the judges will view.

Please be aware that this places you at a significant disadvantage because the judges are unable to ask you about your understanding of the process you have followed and the results you have obtained.

The video you produce must be no longer than 5 minutes and may only be submitted as link to a website with the video on it (eg. Youtube). We will no longer be accepting videos on USB drives or DVDs, as we have in previous years.

Collection of projects

All projects are to be collected from the Mission Heights Junior College theatre on Wednesday, 21st August from 3-6pm.

NOTE: All uncollected exhibits will be disposed of. If you are unable to collect your project at this time please contact us before the Fair to make alternative arrangements.

19th of August, 2022 at Mission Heights Junior College