Judging Criteria

Following are the criteria which are evaluated by judges when they make their assessment of your project.

Common criteria

All reasonable aspects investigated
Previous work investigated
Detailed records
Analysis in depth/detailed
Assistance documented

Technical Skills
Design, construction
Reliability of operation
Use of instruments/tools
Has requisite skills

Clarity of presentation
Selectivity in presentation
Graphic communication
Public appeal
Oral presentations, teamwork

Science Projects

Scientific Thought & Understanding
Question identified by hypothesis stated
Cause & effect identified/prediction
Experiments devised
* methods
* variables
* results/data
Explain principles
Other (eg computer program)

Evidence for originality/innovation

Technology projects

Documentation of development
Performance evaluation
Appropriate technology aspects, eg
* efficiency/optimisation
* reliability/working life
* safety/fail-safe operation
* appropriate materials
* environmental soundness
* ease of use/ergonomics /aesthetics
* other

Originality & Innovation
Evidence of advance over existing
Evidence of innovation/originality

Identifying the Need/Opportunity
Need/opportunity clearly identified
Identified shortcomings of existing
Performance specs defined

Relation to needs of users
Evidence of meeting performance goals
Potential for production.

Scientific Photography

*Instagram Photo Competition*
Individuals can submit a themed or sequenced set of photographs with a 2-3 sentence explanation of the scientific idea behind the photographs and what you enjoyed about the process. Please note the name of your school on your entry as well. Upload your photos to Instagram and tag to the STEM fair (@seauckland_stem_fair). The top 5 tags, as determined by the Committee, will be printed and put on display at the Fair. The winner will be by People’s Choice visiting the Fair. Visit our Instagram Account (@seauckland_stem_fair) for more details and eligibility on this award.

19th of August, 2022 at Mission Heights Junior College