Scientific Photography


Scientific Photography display board example from 2014.The criteria of the entries for this category include:

  1. One entry per student
  2. Open to students in Years 7 – 13
  3. Photos MUST be taken by the exhibiting student
  4. Entry requires 2 or more photos linking to the theme (landscape or portrait)
  5. Entry must have a caption (500 words max), briefly explaining the link between photos and to the theme
  6. Photos and caption to be fitted on A2 paper or smaller (any colour is suitable)
  7. Please label the back of the paper with:
    1. Full student name
    2. Contact phone number
    3. Year level
    4. School name
    5. Teacher name

Photo judging criteria:

  • Immediate impact, creativity, and visual appeal
  • Quality of the photos
  • Quality of the information; not too much, not too little

18th to 19th of August, 2016 at Mission Heights Junior College