2013 Prizegiving

The 2013 prizegiving ceremony was held on 28th August 2013. It was an enjoyable evening celebrating the success of young scientists.

The Premier Award of the Fair was won Chris Ryan, from Howick College, for “Kawakawa Demonstrates Anti-inflammatory Activity”

In traditional Maori medicine (rongoa) Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) is considered to be one of the most potent medicinal herbs. However, previous screening studies have indicated that Kawakawa had very little anti-bacterial and no anti-viral activity. The study sought to explain the disparity between the anecdotal evidence from rongoa and the scientific evidence available. The study demonstrates evidence that suggests Kawakawa has in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity through positive activity in several inflammatory markers. The judges thought Chris’s project has great value from an ethnic, health and commercial perspective

The Eric Clague Award (Second in Fair) was won by Tatiana Tataurangi-Ruru, from Alfriston College, for “Who’s that Hooting at You?” An investigation into the bahavioural patterns of Siamang Gibbons.